Online Vietnam Visa: Helps in avoiding embassy queuing


It is a convenient means of travelling to Vietnam and is issued right at the airport. It is issued at the international airports of Vietnam. All one has to do is to show the confirmation email obtained from submitting the online application form at the airport. It does not mean not requiring a visa at all since the traveller must have the letter of confirmation from the Vietnamese Immigration Department.

How does online visa work?

The visa-on-arrival is advantageous to people staying away from the embassy. All they have to do is to visit the homepage of any site that provides the online visa facility. An application form is to be filled stating details like the passport number, expiration date etc. Then the payment has to be made which includes a service charge.

Once the payment is made the application shall be processed and a confirmation email will be received. This email has to shown at the airport for boarding the plane. If one has any queries one can either mail the authority or can check the frequently asked questions section by clicking on click to see more. However,the visa shall not be granted if any discrepancy is found in the application form.